Monday, February 15, 2010

Start of the STUDIO!

Finally getting started on the it heated so now on to the hard part!! Joah is loving it though, she has her rollerblades on and made a "hockey" will she be made when we paint the floor! I am going with a brown for the bottom half and a green for the top half. We will etch the concrete and stain it...maybe...we spilled one gallon of the stain in the house already!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbyes SUCK!!

I have talked myself into thinking that we are not moving THAT far saying goodbye to people shouldn't have been so hard..but I was wrong!! Maybe it was watching Joah say goodbye to her best friend and cried herself to sleep that made it so hard. Being a big person, saying goodbye to my big people friends wasn't any easier. I have promised myself we will make it a point to keep in touch and see eachother.

But, we are now sitting in a motel in Spearfish, since the movers screwed up and aren't delivering our stuff till tomorrow. Joah is happy with it though cause that is one more day of swimming!! We made a deal...swim for a bit...then go to the new house to clean..DEAL :) Oh yeah..and a new baby to play with sealed it!

Jen will be out tomorrow to help unpack and Deb, Colin and Nicky will be here on Friday also, thank God for great famliy and friends!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sinking in?? Nope...

Last official night of being unpacked in the house...still hasn't sunk in that in three days we will be residents of Spearfish! Took Dylan to Vivian, and realized, it was my last venture down that LONG 30 mile stretch to pick up and drop him off. Seems as though we haven't had enough time to see everyone..and realized it on the way to Vivian. Dylan made the comment that he didn't get to give Deb a hug..although we will see her more than not...just different.

Thinking about what type of memories this house has held for us...and a few pop to my mind...

1) Meeting Ryans family for the first time at Thanksgiving...I was NOT warned about Erin and sitting at dinner, Erin made a comment about beans and farting...why was I the only one that was choking on my mashed potoatoes trying not to laugh...well..9 years later...we all laugh, especially when it comes to corn!!

2) Greg having a cow cause Ryans feet were on the couch...good ole' Greg...didn't know how to pick a very good fight..and we all love and miss him for that :)

3) Joah breaking her leg and her "goal" was to get up and down the stairs...these stairs have never seen so much "butt" time before!

4) Beings this was the home Ryan pretty much grew up in, I am sure he has many, many fond pushing or getting pushed by Erin down the stairs, Erin chopping off his finger..or trying...funny how we need Erin for the humor in our lives!! Oh yea..and the shaving off of eyebrows?? Long hikes up the hill, fishing off the deck and on and on...

But, we are not going far...and life is about new we come!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tying this out!

Ok, I was asked by my wonderful mother in law to start I am trying it out! We will be starting to pack up out stuff on Monday..and be in Spearfish by Wed...I think :) Joah is excited to be going on a new adventure, and I am too!